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A Selection Of College Dissertation Topics About Hippies

One of the biggest and most well-known populations across most college campuses is the hippies. There is a long history and tradition of the hipping population representing a sort of counter-cultural view of contemporary society. What started as a few thousands peppered here and there throughout the world has grown to several millions. Here is a list of some college dissertation topics you might want to consider when working on this subject:

  1. How did hippy culture affect the way people protest in mass against political or social issues in today’s world? Are these types of protests effective in creating change?
  2. The U.S. hippy generation of the 1960s and 1970s was heavily opposed to war around the globe. How did their opposition affect U.S. foreign policies?
  3. It can be said that hippies affected the traditional college dissertation definition by exploring new topics and new ideas. How did their exploration become main stream?
  4. There is a common bias that hippies represent a leftist culture completely at the polar opposite with republican culture. Is this an accurate assessment in today’s world?
  5. In what ways did hippies in the United States circumvent what many believe to be a civil duty in joining the fight in Vietnam? How were these people perceived?
  6. How did music influence hippy culture in the 1960s and 1970s and in what ways has music lost its social and political influence over people?
  7. How do modern day hippies compare with those that purportedly started the counter-cultural demographic in the 1960s? Are there more differences than similarities?
  8. What was the dominant counter-cultural group in the U.S. before the hippies? Do you think hippy-culture evolved from this previous group or were they unique altogether?
  9. Why do people in today’s world avoid taking up social causes as fervently as the hippies did in the 1960s? Is this a result of conformity or general disagreement?
  10. Did hippy culture affect the way we listen to or appreciate the music we listen to today? Where have LPs and Eps gone in the days of MP3 downloads and hit singles?

These topics are just a starting point. You can always get more ideas and general college dissertation help by searching online. Just make sure you stick to reputable agencies or service providers to guarantee you get the right information and assistance to help you succeed with the project.