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Supply chain management thesis topics

Supply chain management is among the most sought after degrees in the USA, UK, and Europe. Having a master's in supply chain management could land you some of the market's lucrative jobs. With the economic work diversifying the academic research areas for supply chain management, I am also expanding. However, with the world's rapid transformation, a student might find it has to find the right topic to write a thesis concerning the supply chain management field. Most often, they face issues of coming up with good ideas that will sustain a good dissertation.

The academic field is also shifting to accommodate the changes happening in the world. It then leads to changing the research procedures and methods, which can be a new thing for students. There is also a vast range of senior thesis topics to choose from, and students can benefit from. Below are some of the top supply chain management thesis topics that could prove useful to any student.

Computerized Transformation 

  • Machine learning procedures in supply chain management 
  • The estimation of information and interdependencies in making decisions
  • A cross-useful coordinated effort in the dynamic cycle
  • COVID 19 affected the usage of Digital Transformation? 
  • Digital Leadership connecting to Self-Organized Teams or Virtual Teams (Agile PM) 
  • Smart Government Initiatives: How Governments are Driving Digital Change 
  • Digital Transformation Key Attributes; Challenges; empowering influences and Success Factors 

Supportable Project Management (SPM) 

  • Factors influencing the use of a productive supply chain framework
  • Can Blockchain help with Sustainable Project Management? 
  • Can apply the SPM model or any of its measurements to an undertaking 

Big Data and IoT-Industry 4.0 

  • Implementation of E-coordinations in Supply Chain Operations. 
  • The Impact of Industry 4.0 on SPM. 
  • The expansion of supply chain versatility through Industry 4.0 
  • Evaluation of innovation use in present-day SPM
  • Significant information and effect in DDMRP 
  • Implementation of IoT in 3PL/4PL Industry – Challenges; empowering influences and Success Factors 
  • The practicability of interlaced supply frameworks with IoT
  • Application of IoT in Logistics – Challenges; empowering influences and Success Factors 

Tasks and Supply Chain Management

  • Evaluating procedures for cost decrease in SCM identifying with fares and imports
  • Study on the parts of gracefully chain the board in corporate re-appropriating. 
  • Impact of Mobility Solutions (transportation/most recent advancements) on coordinations. 
  • Level of Commitment to Top Management concerning the TQM Implementation 
  • The link between Total Quality Management strategies and their impact on the performance of a firm
  • The effects of Environmental Management processes and Supply Chain Integration on Technological Innovation Performance 
  • The effects of Supply Chain Management processes on the Overall Performance of the organization 
  •  Supply Chain Performance Effectiveness and Supply Chain Management Practices
  • Implementation of Green Supply Chain Management Practices 
  • Assessing Supply Chain Risk Management Capabilities 
  • Partnerships Perspective in Supply Chain Management 
  • Risk Evaluation and Management associated with a supply chain 


The entire world is undergoing a revolution in technology that affects all the fields in the commercial sector. Supply chain management is no exception since some of its systems are also transforming. With these changes, students might end up choosing topics that have limited data or even the fast-moving environment rendering some irrelevant issues in a short time. The above topic topics are perfect if you are looking to write a thesis on supply chain management.