Expert Tips

Coming Up With Thought-Provoking Dissertation Titles

One of the most difficult steps in creating a great graduate project document is in coming up with a good dissertation title. If you search online you can usually find a number of great articles providing strategies on how to accomplish this. But very few students have the time to conduct an in-depth search, so we’ve created this short but effective strategy on how to come up with a title that really works. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Utilize Your Outline for Inspiration
  • One of the most effective methods for coming up with a good title involves using your outline and listing all of the main point discussed in your dissertation. Of course, your list will be too long but you can generally highlight the most important points and go from there. Look for keywords that are repeated throughout. You can guess that this is probably something the reader will want to know up front. Your title should be no more than two sentences long, so stick with just the most relevant information.

  • Brainstorm Some Ideas on Your Own
  • Next, you can try to brainstorm some original ideas on your own. Write down questions, phrases, or complete sentences. There is just one rule: keep writing. Consider things that you enjoyed about your research study, something you discovered, or the document’s overall theme. Eventually, you should be able to focus on the work’s most important elements and use them to form the title. Always read your ideas aloud to give you sense of what others may think about them.

  • Ask Your Classmates for Some Ideas
  • Brainstorming can be taken to a whole new level if you do so with a group of friends or classmates. All of you are bound to be working on different topics, but you can still provide one another with some valuable advice when it comes to developing a strong title. Run some of your ideas by them for their reactions. Provide your own opinion on anything they present to you. Even if you don’t settle on any one title you can probably narrow down your options.

  • Consider Using High-Impact Keywords
  • Bear in mind that your work will be searched for and used by future students and academics when they are in need of sample dissertation titles. This means that it will need to be appropriately indexed and tagged with keywords. This simple fact can help you think about the kinds of search terms people will use to find your work. Use these terms to create your title and you will be set.

  • Have a Look at Published Documents
  • Finally, a strategy that has worked for a number of students is to simply look at previously published works to have an idea of what others have done. Visit your school library and look up material related to your own topic. The database alone can bring up a number of titles to draw from, but you can also vary your search terms to get a variety of results to choose from. Always think about how others will look up your own document to come up with a really effective title.

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