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Help in Dissertation Writing : Main Steps to Make a Decent Defense

Your dissertation defense day is coming, and you are stressed. Although there are many speech presentations, the defense may seem to be the hardest part. To create an impressive presentation, consider taking these steps:

Prepare a script

Create a draft of what the dissertation covers. Be sure to review the paper and then brainstorm. Note down the vital concepts, main idea, key decisions and supporting ideas you made while researching. Have the answer to these questions in your fingertips: what’s your dissertation’s purpose? What instruments were used during the research? What are your findings? Can your findings be utilized in the future? Your notes must be structured well. You can also create a story that will catch the attention of your audience, and then incorporate it with your ideas.

Show your ideas visually

Use visual materials during the presentation. Use a software or PowerPoint to convert the display texts into images that complement your story. Ensure that you have a memorable title for all the slides. You may also use graphs and bullet points. The words should be minimized. Make your images and texts as large as you can.

Rehearse the presentation

Use the script you wrote to practice your speech loudly. Try to feel all the words you use and get rid of the awkward words or phrases. You are supposed to sound natural. Check whether there are parts that appear difficult for the audience to understand. A colleague can give you some opinions on your script. Since you still have time, make all the necessary changes in the script and slides. If the script is perfect, rehearse it severally until you are sure you don’t need the notes anymore.

Making the presentation

The day has finally come, and you are ready. Speak confidently and clearly. Look at your audience directly. If they notice that you are shy, this will only mean that you are not sure of what you are talking about. You will be interrupted while presenting. You may be required to clarify a point or answer any question relating to the presentation. Be confident as you answer because this is your personal perspective. You understand the topic so insist on your opinion and provide proof. Avoid indulging in idle debates; instead, rely on scientific sources and the findings of other scholars. Don’t rush to conclude the presentation; you might miss something important. Breathe, stay calm and give the best presentation.