Expert Tips

Finding A Professional Who Can Help Me Write My Thesis

One of the hardest things I ever had to do in college was write my thesis paper in just a few short weeks. I didn’t do a great job of pre-planning and pretty soon found the deadline lingering just around the corner. Several of my friends recommended I hire somebody to write my thesis for me, but I didn’t know where to find someone who could do so for a reasonable price. Some of my friends suggested I try hiring a professional online service, so I took this advice and applied the following strategy to find the right one for me:

  • Started with a List of the Best Candidates
  • My friends provided me with the names of several different services they had tried in person or had heard positive reviews about. This was a helpful start but there were still too many services to consider and I was quickly running out of time. So, I conducted a simple keyword search, targeting just the top-rated or number one ranked agencies online. I compared these results with my friends’ suggestions and was able to cut my options down to five or six services.

  • Searched for Online Reviews and Ratings
  • Next, I searched for online reviews and ratings on independent websites. I found that these testimonials were a lot more helpful because they were unbiased and provided much more detailed information about services’ specific business practices and products. I was able to shorten my list of options by another three and was getting closer to making the right choice.

  • Reviewed Experts’ Profiles and Examples
  • Each company has a selection of available writing professionals from which to choose. But instead of just picking the first name off the list I wanted to make sure the person I selected would know how to write my thesis correctly. I checked for work and educational experience to ensure the person had the right qualifications. Then I reviewed example pieces to find somebody who had a style similar to my own.

  • Communicated with My Writer Directly
  • Finally, before placing my order I wanted to make sure that my preferred writer and I could discuss the project so that I could learn more about the entire process. We discussed deadlines and established a system for progress updates. As soon as I was comfortable with my selection, I submitted my payment information and finalized the order. The resulting work was more than I could have hoped for.